Why Ambulance Sirens Make Me Smile

To answer the question I’m pretty sure you’re asking yourself, no I’m not sick and sadistic for smiling whenever I see an ambulance. I don’t smile because someone else is in an emergency, I smile because of how everyone on the road reacts.

ambulence siren makes me smile

Think about it, we all make our best efforts to move out of the way to help save a stranger’s life. None of us have any idea of the race, religion, class, language or culture of the person needing to be saved, yet we’ll swerve out of the way to make way for the ambulance.

That to me is an act of solidarity and community. It makes me smile because out of instinct, we want to help each other. I’d even go as far as to say, seeing the way people react to ambulances helps restore my faith in humanity in a small way.

It might be a strange  place to find hope and joy but part of what makes life beautiful is finding light in dark places.

Have you seen light in an unusual place? What makes you smile?

-Jenna-Leigh, Crazy Beautiful Blog

Jenna-Leigh de Wit

Blogger and Social Media Strategist. In ♡ with the idea of inspiring with words & photographs.

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