What nobody tells you about engagement …


There will be the people who are ecstatic for you and can’t wait to celebrate your love, but, what nobody tells you is this: there will also be those who won’t.

Engagement Advice: It isn't always moonshine and roses - What nobody tells you about being engaged.

It’ll hurt. Your love is precious to you, so it will hurt when people don’t express as much excitement and happiness for you as you though they might. It’ll hurt when they aren’t interested in your wedding planning, the venue you’ve chosen, your colour scheme, or the flavour of your cake.

It’ll happen and I can’t say that it’ll be an easy one to shake off, but shake it off you must! Not everyone will be as excited about your wedding as you are and, you know what, that’s okay! You aren’t getting married for attention or applause, you’re getting married so that you get to wake up to the face of your love every morning, so you can share your life with him.

Your wedding day is about YOU, your FIANCÉ, and GOD <3 the rest doesn’t matter!

The best advice I have gotten over this time is: “Ignore the naysayers” – Thanks Ke!

Focus on the bright shining lights in your life and get those gems the most involved. Their excitement and positivity will rub off on you and your fiancé and that’s exactly what you need.

How have you dealt with the naysayers in your life?

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  1. Can’t wait to celebrate your amazing day!
    Best quote I read, “Your marriage should be more beautiful than your wedding day”.

  2. This is very true… people are very caught up in their own lives… but that doesn’t mean that yours is any less important 🙂 I can’t wait to see pictures of you trying on dresses… already feeling emotional just thinking about it. Love you more than life itself ?

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