The Forum Company’s Fabulous Instawalk

the forum company are well known for their impeccable sense of style, their incredible and innovative food, and their attention to detail. I absolutely knew I was in for a real treat at their instawalk at the forum || the campus, and goodness, was I right!


the forum company instawalk
We were treated to delciously flavoured cordials and a jelly espresso shot on arrival

Our first activity? Making our very own bread which we later took home as a thank you gift! With four different types of dough to choose from and an array of flavours to add, the options were endless!


The Forum Instawalk-65
Photo by Ilani Vonk
The Forum Instawalk-97
It was fascinating to see everyones flavour combinations and presentations – Photo by Ilani Vonk

We then went on to view the forum company’s vast art collection. The pieces each have such a unique story and it’s only upon hearing the background of the piece are you able to appreciate it fully.



We then moved on to the next room where the forum chefs prepared delectable canapés as we watched and sampled.

The Forum Instawalk-128
Photo by Ilani Vonk
The Forum Instawalk-135
Photo by Ilani Vonk
Nikita drinking a cordial from a light bulb shaped jar

This Instagram video sums it up pefectly (press play):

Mouthwatering canapes at #theforuminstawalk. Say hi to @heartnikita and @ilani ♡

A video posted by Jenna-Leigh (@jennaleigh_xox) on

To say we were looked after is an understatement. What I loved about the food was that it was just enough delight and keep you satisfied but you could always try something else in the next space.

The Forum Instawalk-146
Photo by Ilani Vonk

We then joined Celynn Erasmus of the Fab Quotient for a short seminar on the importance of strategically fuelling your body throughout the day to avoid slumps. I always knew snacking was the answer 😉


Then, it was time for a bit of whimsy. We sat at a table, closed our eyes, and drew the face we saw in the mirror that morning. There were many laughs!


The Forum Instawalk-194
Photo by Ilani Vonk

Lunch time! The display was remarkable. After taking our orders, the waiters stood behind each guest with their dish and then, signalled by the head chef, they placed the plate before us and removed the cloche.

The Forum Instawalk-218
Photo by Ilani Vonk



The Forum Instawalk-201
Photo by Ilani Vonk

I’ll admit, dessert was probably my favourite! Constructed on the table before us, we were treated to creme brulee garnished with baked apple and a white chocolate swirl. Accompanying the creme brulee was a salted caramel spoon, chocolate soil, burnt marshmallow, the most delicious white chocolate mousse, decorated with fresh berries and interestingly flavoured syrups.


The Forum Instawalk-244
Photo by Ilani Vonk




Overall it was a fabulous morning of tasting, viewing, laughing, being wowed, and practicing my photography! If you ever get a chance to go to a forum event, I highly recommend you do!

Visit their awesome new website or follow them on Instagram for some beautiful inspo!

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