Surviving the Winter Blues

If you’re in Joburg, you’re feeling the wrath of this winter with its freezing temperatures and icy wind. Okay, it’s not quite thaaaaat bad but it’s enough to make anyone blue!

While winter is my least favourite season, I’m hell-bent on being happy and finding a way to get through the colder months with a smile on my face.

Here is a list of my best winter blues busters:

  • Gown and slippers- The first thing I do when I get home from work – or anywhere for that matter – is wrap myself in my fluffy Woolworths gown and get my Snoozie slippers out! Instantly I feel warmer and comfier and a little bit more cheery!

Woolworths gown and Snoozie slippers

  • Happy Hugger – I grew up calling bean bags Happy Huggers and that is my number one way to keep happy and warm in the evenings. Skip the electricity chomping heaters and dangerous hot water bottles by putting your Happy Hugger in the microwave for a little bit and, voila, instant warmth! This ‘Microwave Warming Pillow’ from Woolies is so adorable and only costs R99.95!

Woolworths Microwave-Warming-Pillow

  • Gym – I get chillblains in the winter (not fun!) and so I get to the gym regularly to help my circulation and keep my fingers and toes warm. I’m a lover of Zumba and Yoga <3

beat winter blues by moving

Favourite Winter Beauty Products
Favourite Winter Beauty Products
  • Bright Colours – If there is anything I hate more than the mountain of layers I need to keep warm in Winter, it’s the dull colours. Winter is already quite dreary, why should our wardrobes follow suit?I’m all for bright colours in winter and one of the easiest ways to add colour and life to your winter outfit is with a beautifully bright scarf! Woolworths has a gorgeous selection (my favourites pictured below), ranging from R99.95 – R130.

Survive Winter Blues: Woolworths scarves

  • Chai Tea – I’ve always been a fan of Chai lattes and I recently discovered that I could make the hot drink myself in a much healthier way! Move over milo and hot chocolate, it’s a Chai life for me! I found this awesome healthy Chai latte recipe online but I use half a teaspoon for two cups of Chai (otherwise it’s a bit strong).

healthy chai tea

How do you keep a smile on that dile during the cold months? I’d love to know!

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P.S. There are only 83 days until Spring! Yay!

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