It’s Not About Perfection

I’m beginning to believe that the struggle for perfection is an illness.

In the age of Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, we’re able to compare our lives more than ever. We strive for the perfection we see online and beat ourselves up when we can’t seem to achieve it.

It's not about perfection - wedding planning advice
Live a life that feels good on the inside, not just looks good on the outside. Photo Credit – Laura Leigh Photography

Perfection has become such a problem that we’ve lost the ability to experience the sheer joy and wonderment of life because our days aren’t picture perfect. Our most special days are tarnished with a sense of not being enough.

Here is a truth whispered from my heart to yours: It’s okay to let go of perfection.

For example, the fiance and I have been excitedly planning our special day. It’s so much fun deciding on the details of your wedding day, that is, until you come across a vendor who does something so absolutely fabulous, how could you not hire them? Because it’s not in your budget, that’s why!

We got stuck in a conversation that was going in circles – Should we? Shouldn’t we? For some reason, I’d become hung up on something that was never really a priority for us to begin with.

Wedding Planning Advice - Perfection is not the goal
Note the horse ‘drool’ down my skirt – this photo isn’t perfect but it’s definitely a favourite and I’ll always remember the story behind the smile <3 Photo Credit – Laura Leigh Photography

Sometimes all we need is a little perspective and after reading Nicole’s post on the pressure of building the perfect home I realised just how off-topic I’d strayed. Our wedding day is about promising to love each other forever in front of our friends, family, and especially God. Everything else is secondary.

Perfection is not the goal.

Wedding Advice - Forget Perfection
Can’t wait to marry this guy <3 Photo Credit – Laura Leigh Photography

I’ve noticed this struggle with perfection in other parts of my life, too. I’m constantly comparing myself to other bloggers, writers, photographers, entrepreneurs and I just keep thinking, “If only I was as talented/pretty/creative/passionate/rich …” – blah, blah, blah!

When I think those thoughts, I lose sight of what is important to me. I let the world in and my faith out. I let anxiety and perfectionism in and peace and eternal love out.

I’m going to let you in on a secret, you are enough. With messy hair, chipped nail polish, an unplanned Instagram feed, and even when you say something silly, you are always enough. There is no need to chase the ideals of this world because maybe the world is wrong? Maybe there is, in fact, beauty in simplicity. Maybe there is beauty in letting go.

P.S. How amazing are our engagement photos? Thanks Laura Leigh for capturing the essence of ‘us’ <3 Can’t wait to marry this handsome guy!

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