Meet Duchess

The husband and I have been talking about adopting a pet for the longest time and this year, for my birthday, he promised me a kitten. So, off we went to adopt Duchess from Kitty and Puppy Haven. It was quite a process to officially adopt her but after about three weeks, we were so excited to bring her home!

Duchess, Kitty and Puppy Haven
Our first family photo

I have a tradition from when I was a child to name my pets after Disney characters, and so we decided on Duchess after the mama cat in Disney’s ‘Aristocats’.

I’ve never had a cat before, so this was a real learning curve. After two months with this little one taking over our hearts and home, here is what I have learned:

1. Cats are Needy

Duchess quite literally kneads my head every single night before she goes to sleep and sometimes in the middle of the night, too. Apparently it’s a comfort thing – maybe my hair reminds her of her fur mom?

2. Cats Will Surprise You

When we signed and paid for Duchess, out of excitement, we immediately went online and bought her a few essentials: a cosy bed, a collar, a scratching post, and some cat treats. Well, to our surprise, she never set foot in her bed, her collar was miles too big, she ignored the scratching post and scratched our clothes horse instead, and I’m quite convinced cat treats are scam to fool dog lovers who have adopted cats and don’t know any better.

Now, two months later, she naps in her bed occasionally (apparently she needed to stumble across it in her own time), we discovered sprinkling catnip in the grooves of the scratching post makes it a much more worthwhile play thing, her collar was never going to fit (it’s for a dog), and cat treats are indeed a scam.

3. Duchess is Pretty Much a Dog

I swear it! She comes to me when I call her name, she plays fetch with her favourite ribbon toy, she adores morning cuddles, and we sometimes walk her on a lead. It’s the sweetest thing!

4. Feed her Hill’s Pet Food

When we brought Duchess home, Kitty and Puppy Haven gave us a few sample packets of the food they were feeding her. We had already decided on feeding Hill’s kitten food because, only the best for our kitten. Hill’s has done so much research into what nutrition cats and dogs need at different stages of their lives, as well as what flavours they prefer to make sure they actually enjoy what they are eating.

Did you know? Your cat can be affected by ‘too little’ and ‘too much’ of certain nutrients in their diet that can negatively affect her health.

We had to slowly introduce Hill’s into her diet by mixing it in with the samples, as not to upset her tummy. To cut a long story short, it was so obvious which food she preferred as she would pick out the Hill’s food and leave the sample food behind.

We recently received a package from Hill’s filled with delicious treats and the perfect cat bowl. Duchess was in kitty heaven!

Once I had opened the box, of course this happened:

I then gave her her treat in her new bowl that is not only whisker friendly, but also dishwasher safe.

She thought it was lip-smackingly delicious!

And then, in true cat style, back in the box she went! I’m not even joking.

Thanks Hill’s for spoiling Duchess! She is sleeping her food coma off now- haha!


P.S. Until the end of May, you can get your own free #HillsKittyBowl when you buy selected Hill’s cat food at vet outlets.

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