Mandela Day 2014 – Ideas for your 67 Minutes

This Mandela Day, make sure you do something really special for your 67 minutes.

Ideas for Nelson Mandela Day

Ten Mandela Day ideas:

1. Bake a cake: Inspired by Girl with Cake, I love the idea of baking cakes or cupcakes to give out to people. Whether it’s a beggar, a teacher, a cleaner, an elderly neighbor, a young cancer patient, cake makes people smile and spreads joy!

2. Donate a Wonderbag Heat Retaining Slow Cooker: This nifty bag acts just like a slow cooker without the use of electricity – saving money and time! As much as I know you want one for your own kitchen, consider first donating a bag (R150 when donating) to someone who really needs it. Yuppie Chef have promised to match your donation, so for R150 you can donate two safe, low power cooking appliances to homes in need!

3. Make and dish out hearty soup: You can use your newly purchased Wonderbag to make a delicious soup to serve to security guards, petrol attendants or your local police station! Those poor fellas spend their nights out in the freezing cold making sure we are safe and have petrol in our cars, they would love a cup of hearty soup!

4. Sponsor a child: This idea speaks so dearly to my heart as I have recently sponsored a seven year old boy in Ghana who doesn’t have much. He waited for over a year to be sponsored and when I saw we shared a birthday, my heart spoke to me and I listened. It costs around R400 (depending on the dollar) to sponsor a child and give them a chance at life. Find out more at Compassion’s website.

5. Donate your old clothes: Don’t wait for Spring to clean out your closet, do it now! Donate your gently worn fashion items to Vintage, With Love and the rest to your local church or shelter. You have no idea how much your clothes will mean to someone with nothing.

6. Donate blood: Donate blood and save a life this Mandela Day! There are so many Fixed Blood Donor Centres, so if you are healthy and able, you have no excuse not to!

7. Donate cans of food to your local church or shelter: This one is self explanatory. Such a simple and easy way to help out your community.

8. Donate dog food to your local SPCA: SPCA’s are often running low on funds and food for the poor animals they rescue, so they could really do with the extra food. While you’re there, why don’t you adopt a pup?

9. Sign up to tutor underprivileged children: Education empowers! Sign up to tutor underprivileged kids to help break the cycle of poverty.

10. Have manicure at Sorbet: The proceeds go to charity plus you get a discounted mani – bonus! Although I really suggest pairing this one with at least another activity 😉

P.S. For a few more ideas, see last year’s Mandela Day post.

Whether you choose one or many activities this Mandela Day, keep Madiba’s legacy in mind. 

“It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it” – Nelson Mandela

How will you be spending your 67 minutes for Mandela Day?

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