Long Distance Loving

And there we were, standing in the middle of the bustling airport, not exactly sure how to spend our last few moments together. We were ‘that’ couple giving each other a thousand hugs and kisses because maybe one more embrace would soothe our aching hearts.

Long Distance loving

I stood there, watching him walk away towards his shining adventure. Bitter Sweet. Arriving home to nothing but quietness. Bitter.

Our family and friends, trying to make us feel better, say things like:

“Come on, It’s not that bad”

“It’s only 3 months, that’s nothing in the overall scheme of things”

“Keep yourself busy and time will fly”

I wish someone would just say to me, “Yes, this is quite a shitty situation. It sucks that you’re so far apart. It sucks that you are in different time zones. It all just sucks. I’m here if you need someone to be busy with, I’m here if you need someone to be quiet with”.

Because it is quite shitty to be so far apart, especially when you’ve both decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Especially if your love language is touch and time.

Now, unless you have a positive and courageous attitude, long distance will make life a misery and that, my friends, is no way to live. So, if like me, you are loving long distance, use that time to be selfish and focus on yourself. Use that time to do something you’ve always wanted to, say yes to your friend’s invitations out, read books, join classes, be active, be creative and for goodness sake, make scrambled eggs for dinner if you feel like it 😉

Surviving long distance loving

For me, this is the last time in my life I’ll have the luxury of living on my own, so I plan on using these months to the best of my ability!

Have you endured long distance love? Please share what worked for you in a comment below!

P.S. Shout out to my friends and family who have called, sent messages, and made plans to keep me occupied. You’re the best!

-Jenna-Leigh, Crazy Beautiful Blog

Jenna-Leigh de Wit

Blogger and Social Media Strategist. In ♡ with the idea of inspiring with words & photographs.

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