Jenna-Leigh_0117Everyone should have a bucket list of goals they’d like to achieve in their lifetime – both silly and serious. I’ve had so much fun dreaming up this list of mine and I plan on having so much more fun completing it!

  1. Write a book
  2. Write a book and have it published
  3. Have my work published (Article) COMPLETED SEP 2011
  4. Learn how to scuba dive COMPLETED OCT 2015
  5. See the Eiffel Tower  COMPLETED APRIL 2014
  6. Eat pistachio gelato in Italy COMPLETED APRIL 2014
  7. Be featured on one of my favourite blogs as a guest blogger. COMPLETED SEP 2011
  8. Visit Zanzibar
  9. Experience a white Christmas
  10. Go on a canopy tour COMPLETED JAN 2012
  11. Go on all the SA canopy tours (Magaliesburg, Tsitsikamma, Karkloof, Magoebaskloof, Drakensburg)
  12. Learn how to ride a bike COMPLETED NOVEMEBER 2012
  13. Take my mom on a holiday
  14. Live in another country
  15. Be a model in a magazine COMPLETED NOV2012
  16. Get an honours degree  COMPLETED MARCH 2012
  17. Buy a house
  18. Learn how to make sushi
  19. Go to the airport with my bags packed and just book a ticket to somewhere
  20. Watch Michael Buble perform – COMPLETED March 2015
  21. Live in a city centre
  22. Take a photography course COMPLETED August-November 2014
  23. Start an organisation that increases awareness on issues such as depression and suicide and shares hopeJenna-Leigh_0181
  24. Have Sugar Skull make-up done
  25. Host a dinner party at my own place COMPLETED FEB 2013
  26. Go Sky dining COMPLETED MARCH 2012
  27. Own a typewriter COMPLETED OCTOBER 2012
  28. Watch the sunrise at the beach  COMPLETED APRIL 2011
  29. Have a photo shoot at a fun venue COMPLETED APRIL 2015
  30. Boudoir photos COMPLETED FEB 2016
  31. Spend my birthday overseas
  32. Go on a cruise COMPLETED JANUARY 2013
  33. Go to the movies by myself
  34. Have my own website dedicated to my blog COMPLETED JULY 2013
  35. Attend a new year’s party on the beach COMPLETED DECEMBER 2013/14
  36. Start my own business COMPLETED AUGUST 2016
  37. Learn Italian
  38. Pick strawberries
  39. Go skiing
  40. Marry the man of my dreams COMPLETED MARCH 2016!!!
  41. Go to the Grahamstown Festival
  42. Go to the Durban July
  43. Have drinks at The Westcliff, overlooking the Jacaranda trees in bloom
  44. Visit Disneyland Paris and Disney World – COMPLETED APRIL 2014 AND APRIL 2015
  45. Paint a picture for my home COMPLETED MARCH 2013
  46. Visit Victoria falls
  47. Attach a lock to a love bridge COMPLETED APRIL 2014
  48. Learn how to surf
  49. Post myself a postcard from overseas COMPLETED APRIL 2014
  50. Go on a chocolate making course
  51. Try out SUP yoga
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