Intrigue and Paranoia

Ever since learning about serial killer Ted Bundy in primary school, I have been enormously intrigued by murder cases and the people who commit such atrocities. TV shows such as CSI and Rizzoli and Isles have only deepened this curiosity because they give me a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of a murder investigation (however unrealistic the storyline might be). I try to guess the culprit at the beginning of the show and I’m very chuffed with myself if I get it right.

Needless to say, The Crime & Investigation Network is one of my favourite channels – very excited about Serial Killer Sunday, by the way. These programmes are based on real crime stories with real serial killers and psychopaths which is so fascinating to me. I want to know who these people are, why they are killers, what made them do it and what made them think they’d get away with it?

The only problem with watching these programmes so avidly is that it starts affecting your real life. I mean, I was walking my dog at the dam the other day and I could sense someone following me. Trying to act as natural as I could, I looked over my shoulder and, as true as bob, there were two creepy looking guys walking a few metres behind me staring in my direction. Now, keeping in mind my excellent track record of guessing the murderer on CSI, I knew that I was for sure going to be stuffed into a dingy boot pretty soon. Gradually picking up my pace, I started scanning the dam area for people who would hear my panicked screams and stop these two lunatics from abducting me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the two boys started walking toward the road where they met a bunch of their friends and I realised they were harmless and I was just ridiculously paranoid. Ever had one of those moments? Like, right now, how do I know you’re not some cyber stalker trying to collect pieces of information from my blog to piece together to find out where I live? I probably shouldn’t have told you live near a dam … 😛

What are you most paranoid about?

*If you are now feeling a bit paranoid about cyber stalkers, visit this website for some useful tips:

**If you aren’t paranoid enough, watch the movie Cyberstalker starring Mischa Barton.

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