Holiday Bucket List

vacation bucket list

I have an event counter app on my phone and today it tells me I have 30 days until I’m on vacation. Sounds like an incredibly long time to wait, especially considering how burnt out I feel. Anyway, I know that when the holidays eventually arrive, they will disappear too soon and to make sure I use them wisely, I have come up with a fabulous Holiday Bucket List!

Things to do this Holiday:

  1. Spend an entire day in bed or at the very least, in my pyjamas.
  2. Spend the afternoon relaxing at the dam (picnic time)
  3. Pool Party! (Including Lilos, Cocktails and lots of sunblock!)
  4. Take a day trip to Harties and explore.
  5. Finish reading an entire book.
  6. Write a goals list for 2013.
  7. Finish off my Christmas presents.
  8. Go for sun downers somewhere  with a beautiful view <3
  9. Visit The Beach.
  10. Go for a luxurious massage.
  11. Movie night! (Rent movies and eat loads of popcorn)
  12. Nap as much as possible! (#lovenaps)

This, of course, is for the home part of my vacation. When we pack our bags and take a road trip, ooooh, that’ll be a completely new bucket list!

I’ll update you on my bucket list progress, so keep an eye out!

Do you have any holiday plans and goals? Share them with me in the comments below! I’d love some new ideas and additions to my own list.


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