Gratitude Challenge – #CBgrateful365

“It is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy”

We’re all struggling to find that all elusive state of ‘happiness’. We find it on special days only to have it slip between our fingers when doubt, ungratefulness, judgement, and the silly idea of perfection creep in.

It was after reading a few chapters of Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, that I dabbled with the idea of a gratitude challenge and it was after coming across this video by Hailey Bartholomew that I realised it would be photographic: from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

You’ll remember in my 2016 goals I mentioned I wanted to complete a 365 photo project and this isn’t the first time I have tried and failed. I don’t have kids or any pets to photograph and I’ve always felt a bit overwhelmed by choosing a subject to photograph – until this. I now have a theme – gratitude.

So, for every day for the next year, I will be snapping a photo of something I am grateful for, no matter how big or small, and I challenge you to do the same! Whether your project is photographic or in the form of a journal, it doesn’t matter! It’s all about reflecting on your day and consciously deciding to be grateful.

Here are the first few days of my Gratitude Challenge project #CBgrateful365:

Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
1 February 2016 – … For snacks so lovingly packed by my fiancé
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
2 February 2016 – … For a job that grows me
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
3 February 2016 – … For music that moves my soul (The new Hillsongs CD is amazing)
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
4 February 2016 – … For silver linings
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
5 February 2016 – … For heart shapes found in nature
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
6 February 2016 – … For a magical bridal shower hosted by my loving mama and special bridesmaids
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
7 February 2016 – … For my sunflowers, planted from seed, blooming <3
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
8 February 2016 – … For sweet memories of our American holiday. Pascal accompanied us throughout our vacation
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
9 February 2016 – … For a body that can move
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
10 February 2016 – … For an unexpected delivery from a special friend
Gratitude Challenge, 1000 Gifts
11 February 2016 – … For pretty in pink Supergas

How about you, are you in? Do you accept my gratitude challenge?

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Blogger and Social Media Strategist. In ♡ with the idea of inspiring with words & photographs.

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