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Without goals, we all end up going nowhere slowly. These are my goals for 2016 – they aren’t hard and fast and they will most likely morph into something different as I discover more about myself this year. Nevertheless, here is what I hope to achieve:

2016 Goals - Crazy Beautiful

  • Marry my Fiancé

This might not be a typical goal but it’s one of my most important goals nonetheless. You see, as a bride-to-be planning her wedding, I know all to well that it’s easy to get caught up in the motions and forget what our wedding day is really all about: promising our love in front of our loved ones. My first goal for 2016 is to marry the love of my life without stressing the finer details. The flowers aren’t quite right – so what? The cake is the wrong flavour – who cares? The DJ played the wrong version of my first dance song – dance anyway! If at the end of the day, Steven and I say our vows and get to celebrate with friends and family, my goal is 100% completed!

2016 Goals - Crazy Beautiful

  • Relieve Pain

I’ve been struggling with a sore back and hips for a few years now and the most I’d ever do was slap a transact on the problem area and hope for the best. I’d become so used to the pain, I didn’t realise that it was a constant. This year, my goal is to actively work on relieving my pain. That will mean regular visits to my chiropractor, daily lower back and butt strengthening exercises, being aware of my posture, pilates and yoga to try to stretch myself out, and lying on my back with my legs resting on my ottoman at a 90 degree angle (this position works wonders, people!)

2016 Goals - Crazy Beautiful

  • Practice Photography

I have been toying with the idea of a 365 photography project for ages and I feel like this is the year! The best thing is, even although we’re two weeks into 2016, I have taken photos practically every day already. So this year, I want to take a photo every day with whichever camera is nearest and really practice this craft I love so dearly.

2016 Goals - Crazy Beautiful

  • Adventure

I’m an adventurer by heart and I love discovering new places and the magic they hold. We already have our honeymoon to look forward to but I also want to challenge myself to adventure without having to fly over the sea. What about what’s on our doorstep?

2016 Goals - Crazy Beautiful
Holding the most beautiful Barn Owl at Dullstroom’s Bird of Prey centre.
  • Take risks

The creative ideas I have are endless. I have so many secret Pinterest boards dedicated to ideas I’m dead scared to try out. For example, I have a book I wrote at the age of 8 lying around, ready to be illustrated and shared with the world but I am too afraid of what everyone will think. This is the year I start making my dreams a reality because if I don’t jump on these opportunities, someone else will!

2016 Goals - Crazy Beautiful

  • Be Thankful

I’m guilty of taking things for granted and for accepting blessings in my life without expressing gratitude. The Fiancé and I have already started sharing something we are thankful for each day before we eat dinner but I feel like I could be practicing gratitude a whole lot more. So this year I want to be more thankful by writing down my gratitude – perhaps a thankful jar or a gratitude journal?

always be thankful
via mommyish.net


These are my broad goals for the year and each month I plan on being a little more specific with what I’d like to accomplish. What are your goals for 2016?

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  1. I love reading your Blogs – always honest and inspiring! I know this year is going to be filled with love, adventure, thankfulness, decision and many other unexpected moments. Love you lots my darling girl (soon to be Mrs Storey 🙂

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