Home Decor Ideas: Fairy Lights

We might be nearing the season to be jolly and naturally that means an abundance of fairy lights, but I can’t help but love the idea of displaying them all year long – well, the white variety anyway. Fairy lights are just too romantic and too magical to pack in a box at the end of each December.

Decorating Your Home with Fairy Lights

I’ve been collecting ideas on how to use fairy lights in different spaces of my home and here are a few of my favourites:

Fairy Lights - home decor
Via The Every Girl

As a little girl, I had a canopy (read: princess) bed which we decorated with a string of pink heart-shaped fairy lights. I felt as if I was living in a fairy tale. To me, this mirror is a more grown up version of fairy lights in the bedroom.

Fairy Lights - home decor
via Fashion Melon

We could all do with a little inspiration at our desk and these fairy lights really do bring the magic!

Fairy Lights - home decor
Via StyleCaster

Rose fairy lights also bring the romance to the bedroom, although I’m sure the fiance would never agree to something similar. As much as I love this feature wall, I realise our bedroom is OUR space and so I always consider my honey when finding decor inspiration – but a girl can dream , right?

Fairy Lights - home decor
Via Mommo Designs

First off, the colour scheme of this little girl’s room is gorgeous! Secondly, I love how the fairy lights can double as a night light – when putting babies to sleep, a dim light is ideal.

Fairy light - balcony light
Via Art Exarax

Now this is the perfect example of how you can spice up your outdoor space with minimal effort. Don’t you just want to have a romantic dinner on this balcony?

Looking for fairy lights for your home? Mr Price have a few affordable options (I particularly love the outdoor solar lights).

P.S. The only thing about fairy lights is that they tend to heat up a room real fast. So, I’d give them a miss indoors during heat waves and such 😉

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