Date Night Ideas

Date Night – keeping relationships and marriages alive since forever.

One of the best lessons the husband and I learned on the Marriage Alpha course was to never stop dating each other. It has become a weekly ritual in our house to set aside one night to date each other. We alternate the planning of date night each week and we really try to put effort into courting each other as if we were still dating.

Date Night Ideas


Romantic, right? It’s something we plan to do through all stages of life (kids, hectic work, financial strain) because it forms the foundation of our marriage. How do we weather all storms without deeply connecting with one another? How do we act as a unit if we live past each other? And, let’s face it, it has become so easy to just get on with your own stuff and to be distracted by TV, social media, work, and other responsibilities if you don’t make special effort.

I know what you’re thinking, easier said than done! For sure! But I do believe that if you make it a priority from day one (or whenever you decide to start), it will become a habit and something you can’t live without. That means that sometimes you’ll have to say no to social engagements, you’ll have to figure out a way to date even with kids, you’ll have to set boundaries on work, and you’ll have to do whatever else you have to do to get a date night in once a week.

Date Night Ideas


So, now for the fun part, date night ideas!

Crazy Beautiful Date Night Ideas:

The beauty of date night is that it doesn’t even have to be at night. It can be whenever you’re able to set aside a few hours just for the two of you, as long as it’s planned and you stick to it!

  1. Visit your local nursery: There is just something so special about spending time around so much life and so many flowers in bloom. Each season also brings its own delights. Nurseries often have a coffee shop attached, so why not have a walk around and stop for a coffee after?
  2. Movie Night with a twist: One of our favourite dates is to move our bed into the lounge and stock up on popcorn, snacks, hot chocolate and watch a movie together.
  3. Picnic time: We live in a first floor apartment, so we don’t have a garden but that hasn’t stopped us picnicking every chance we get. Sometimes your lounge floor is the best picnic spot around, so throw out a blanket, spread out your favourite snacks, and enjoy!
  4. Candlelit dinner: Steven and I love trying out new recipes and cooking for each other is probably our favourite date night. This is when you should go all out and set the table, use your best crockery, light the candles, and even make dessert. Life is too short not to.
  5. Go on an Adventure: Explore your own city – whether you try a new market, take a trip to the next town and explore their little stores, visit a different park, try a new restaurant. That’s how memories are made!

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Date night ideas for a healthy marriage

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