Celebrating National Women’s Day

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I’m a huge fan of being a lady and Women’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate our independent womanly ways! Whether you’re lucky enough to be spoilt or are treating yourself (because us women are sassy like that), I have some indulgent ideas to make this Women’s Day (or even Women’s Month) truly special:


  • Us ladies sure do appreciate a warm, relaxing  bath every now and then and Sh’Zen’s Vanilla Cashmere range is the ultimate when it comes to bath time products. This PH friendly range including bath crystals, cleansing gel, cocooning body cream, and massage oil is the perfect way to indulge after a long hard day- ask me, I know! I’m in love with this range and think it belongs in every lady’s bathroom cabinet!
Sh'Zen's Vanilla Cashmere range
Cocoon and comfort body and mind with the indulgent Vanilla Cashmere range.



  • The best place to indulge in a decadent sweet treat has got to be Belle’s Patisserie!  They have the most delicious cake and patisserie imaginable and I highly recommend their 1000 layer cake – yum! A word of advice, go hungry, these enormous slices of heaven need room to be enjoyed.
Belle's Patisserie
Blue Velvet cupcake from Belle’s Patisserie



What could be better as a woman than to win an awesome Women’s Day prize? Here are my top 3 Women’s Month competitions:

  • Melissa’s Make-up is running an awesome Women’s Month competition and you stand the chance of winning a make-up lesson with Melissa herself! All you have to do is comment on her blog post with your favourite feature to accentuate when doing your own make-up.

Melissa's Make Up Competition


  • All4Women are running an amazing Women’s Day competition and you stand the chance of winning prizes ranging from jewellery, to cosmetics, to a high tea! Sounds fabulous!



  • DSTV also have some awesome prizes up for grabs in celebration of Women’s Month – from a balloon safari to a Samsung washer and dryer!


Ultimately Women’s Day isn’t only about the spoils, it’s about celebrating women’s independence and standing up to abuse against women. It’s not about having power over men or in any way showing men up, it’s about women having power over their own minds and bodies. So, Viva women and their independence, and Viva the women who have inspired us to be nothing but ourselves! 

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-Jenna-Leigh, Crazy Beautiful Blog

Jenna-Leigh de Wit

Blogger and Social Media Strategist. In ♡ with the idea of inspiring with words & photographs.


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