Reminiscing on 2015

Can you believe 2015 was just a few days ago?  For me, it was a year of overcoming ‘I Can’t’. So much has happened that I thought was never possible. I made it through so much I didn’t think I could.Crazy beautiful - 2015 in review

Firstly, I didn’t think I could survive three whole months without my fiancé by my side. The longest three months of my life, I’ll be honest and say it was really tough to be apart for so long. Skype dates only get you so far, especially if your love language is touch and time. But, we did it! We made the most of the opportunity and I grew closer to my tribe.

Reminiscing on 2015

I didn’t think I could ever be a ‘fit girl’. I started bootcamp and stuck it out for the entire year. I pushed past so many of my mental blocks. I ran, I skipped, I planked, I squatted, and burpeed my heart out. I’ve seen changes in my body, energy and confidence.

Crazy beautiful - 2015 in review

I didn’t think I’d have to accept that my dearest Ouma wouldn’t be at my wedding this year. By far the hardest day of this entire year was the day I watched my Ouma take her last breath. She wasn’t supposed to die, she was supposed to dance at my wedding, she was supposed to hold her great grand babies and we were supposed to have one of those 4 generations photos. We were supposed to laugh and love and live together. But God had other plans.

While my heart still aches for a hug and a kiss from my Ouma, I have accepted that although she might not be at my wedding physically, she’ll be with us spiritually and that is enough for me.

becoming a mermaid - 2015

I didn’t think I had the guts to become a mermaid. The truth is, I never really doubted my ability before signing up for a scuba class. It was in the water that my mind began taunting me and my first sea dive was especially scary. It was so bad that I was convinced I would quit right there and then. But, I gave it another chance and ended up heading on the greatest adventure that truly ignites my soul.

Crazy beautiful - 2015 in review

The list goes on and on. My greatest takeaway from this year is that I am capable of far more than I allow myself to believe. What lessons from 2015 are you taking with into you this year?
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