Birthday Wishlist 2014

Crazy Beautiful Birthday Wishlist

Crazy Beautiful Birthday Wishlist

Birthdays have always been a special celebration in my family and it has become somewhat of a tradition  for us to write birthday wishlists for each other. With my birthday around the corner, I thought I’d share with you special people my super awesome wishlist of all the things I’d love to have and do!


  • I’m a little teapot

No,but really, I am. Tea is my thing and so teapots are somewhat of an obsession for me. Here are three of my favourites available in store at the moment:

Crazy Beautiful Birthday wishlist: Tea pots

Embossed tea pot – Entrepo R99.95

Mint tea pot – @Home R169.99

Glass tea pot – Entrepo R199.00


  • Books

I keep a long wishlist of books on (nerd alert!) and these are my top three:

Crazy Beautiful Birthday wishlist: Books

Seriously I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres – R112.75

Lauren Conrad Beauty by Lauren Conrad – R265.87

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway – R143.59


  • Home sweet home

I’m not sure I’ll ever be finished decorating my place because as soon as one project is done, I find myself dreaming up another!

The items below were carefully selected for my home and I can just imagine the jug below filled with fresh fruit and water, the Jasmine diffuser filling the air with sweet scents and those chenille cushions sitting perfectly on my couch!

Crazy Beautiful Birthday Wishlist: home sweet home

Jasmine Reed Diffuser – Mr Price Home R100

Scatter Cushion: Chenille, Damask – Woolworths R199

Classic 1l jug – Home Etc R110


  • Clothes

Do I even need to explain this one? Every girl could do with something new in her closet and here are a few items I have my eye on:

 Crazy Beautiful Birthday wishlist: Fashion

Belted chiffon dress– Woolworths R299.00

Colour block shopper – Mr. Price R139.99

Paisley Floral Snood – Woolies On sale for R60


  •  (Almost) Anything From Lovisa

As you can see by my Lovisa collection, I LOVE Lovisa! I do think I’m missing dainty necklaces from my jewellery collection though. Although practically anything from Lovisa would make my heart happy <3

Crazy Beautiful Birthday Wishlist: Lovisa jewellery

  • Euro Disney ticket

It really isn’t a secret that a Disneyland trip has been number one on my bucket list since I was a young child. I’m the biggest Disney fan you’ll ever meet and visiting Euro Disney would be a dream come true. I get goosebumps just thinking about all the characters I’d get to meet, the trinkets I’d buy and even all the rides inspired by my favourite movies. You guys, this is the ultimate gift for me!

Crazy Beautiful Birthday wishlist: A ticket to Euro Disney

  • Photography course

I’ve had my Nikon DSLR for almost a year now and I still only know the basics of manual mode. There is something so wrong with this picture (pun intended ;)) and it’s about time I learn. This is another perfect birthday gift for me!

 Crazy Beautiful Birthday Wishlist: Photography course


  • Time spent with my loved ones

I know, it sounds rather cheesy but, all the above aside, all I really want is to spend time with my friends and family and celebrate another year of life. I think it’s important to reflect and realise just how much has happened over the past year, how much you’ve made it through and how much there is to actually celebrate. Life is short and another year is such a blessing.

Crazy Beautiful Birthday Wishlist: Time with my family and friends

Anything I have forgotten off this list? Add to it in a comment below.

P.S. My next post is all about where in Joburg you can enjoy birthday freebies!

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