A Little Bit of Crazy – June 2014

This month my Crazy Beautiful obsessions revolve around good clean energy, beautifully bright colours, and fab jewellery. I’m so excited to share with you!

  • Kiko

One of my favourite brands I discovered while in Italy is Kiko! I went a bit crazy when I came across their extensive range of nail polishes and the boy and I literally spent half an hour choosing nail polish for all our female family and friends as gifts. Wow, it wasn’t  an easy task because, naturally, I wanted everything for myself. I ended up choosing a pistachio cupcake polish, a few gorgeous polishes from their debut range, and an opulent coral Exotic Shine lipstick.

Side Note: Kiko isn’t in SA just yet and unfortunately they don’t ship to us either, so make sure to stop by their store on your next overseas trip!


Crazy Beautiful Obsessions: Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano - Pearly Green Butterfly

  • McNab’s Energy tablets

A complete lifesaver on our European trip, McNab’s SuperCharge kept us topped up on good and natural energy (no caffeine or nasty additives here) helping us enjoy every single moment of our adventure. Also, with all that travelling, our immune systems took a real knock but McNab’s SuperGuard sorted us out no problem. Seriously, you guys, McNab’s is the way to go!

McNab's Supercharge is a lifesaver!

  • Jewels and Lace

This online jewellery store I came across at the House and Leisure Night Market at Katy’s Palace Bar and what a wonderful little find! From infinity bracelet stackers and diamante hairbands to floral statement necklaces and cute watches, Jewels and Lace has such beautiful handmade pieces for such a decent price, do yourself a favour and check it out! These were my purchases:

Crazy Beautiful Obsessions - I adore the Jewels and Lace range!


-Jenna-Leigh, Crazy Beautiful Blog

Jenna-Leigh de Wit

Blogger and Social Media Strategist. In ♡ with the idea of inspiring with words & photographs.

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