A Little Bit of Crazy – July 2014

Are we really on the brink of a brand new month? I’m not quite sure where July went but it’s that time again, time for me to round up my Crazy Obsessions for July:


This online story is absolute heaven for stationery lovers like me! From the most beautiful selection of washi tape and stickers to gorgeous notebooks and desk accessories like these cute aeroplane shaped paper clips.

I swear, every time I visit the site, I discover a whole new range of stationery goodies to get me all excited about! Ampersand Social Stationery is the perfect place to go online gift shopping or just to feed your own stationery addiction !

Ampersand Social Stationery


I treated myself to girly pink and white lace washi tape (R35 each), an adorable mini camera stamp (R35), and Gatsby inspired art deco notebooks (R170 for 3). My purchase came so beautifully and thoughtfully packaged with a handwritten note and all!


One thing about apartment living is that you are denied the pleasure of having your own garden. I’ve tried my best to bring nature to me by filling my patio with my favourite pot plants but sometimes it just isn’t enough.

That’s why I LOVE to spoil myself with visits to the nursery and soak up all positive energy radiating from nature. A while ago, the boy and I stumbled across the ultimate nursery in Linbro Park (close to Sandton) called Super Seedlings. It’s our favourite because it isn’t attached to a hardware store and many of the plants are grown on their property.

nursery visit - super seedlings

Driving in, you pass rows and rows of the most beautiful and brightly coloured rose bushes, the perfect welcome. The boy and I love to just walk up and down the rows upon rows of flowers, herbs, bushes, and trees. We try to find the weirdest looking flowers, we guess names and we dream of our own garden one day.

Without a doubt, I always walk away with momento of our afternoon spent in wonderment to add to my ever growing patio collection. It’s amazing the energy you get simply by spending time in nature.

That’s it for this month. Do you have any obsessions I should know about? Please share with me!

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