A little bit of Crazy – Jan 2014

Crazy Beautiful Obsessions January


  • My new sister

Because how could I not be obsessed with the fact that not only is this pretty face now a part of the family but also that she makes my brother indescribably happy? This stunning picture was photographed by the talented Kristi Agier.

Introducing my sister in law, Kelly de Wit!

The only word I can use to accurately describe their wedding day is magical (can we pretty please go back and do it again?) and I am so blessed to have been a bridesmaid. See a few pics of their special day:

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  • Essence Lipsticks

In my mind, an outfit isn’t complete without a pretty shade of lipstick! I’m always on the hunt for new shades and two of my latest favourites are 07 Natural Beauty and  01 Coral Calling by Essence.

Natural Beauty is perfect for days when you’re going for a natural look (hence it’s name) or even if you’re glamming it up with a smokey eye and want a subtle lip colour.

Coral Calling is more of a statement lipstick that gives you a trendy look without too much effort.

Crazy Beautiful Favourite Essence Natural Beauty lipstick
07 Natural Beauty
Crazy Beautiful Favourit Essence Coral Calling lipstick
01 Coral Calling


  • Vein of Gold

If you’ve read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, you’ll know that she shares some amazing insights on tapping into your creativity and getting past your creative blocks. If you haven’t read The Artist’s Way, where have you been?

Crazy Beautiful Favourite - Vein of Gold

If you thought the Artist’s Way was amazing, then the magic you’ll find in Vein of Gold will knock you off your feet. I’ve only read the first chapters and already I’ve discovered and dealt with a few creative blocks.

That being said, as great as the books are, going through the chapters with like-minded people can make all the difference. I’m attending a Vein of Gold class once a week and already I love my group and the insight they give me.

Want to be a part of An Artist’s Way or Vein of Gold class? Social Stationery offers awesome classes with people from all walks of life. Find out when the next class starts and journey toward your creativity gold mine.

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