A Little bit of Crazy – Feb 2014

Can you believe we are already saying au revoir to February, the month of love? Before we say goodbye, I need to share with you my Feb obsessions:

  • Pink Hair

Look, this is not a new trend and it’s something I’ve done before (two little extensions) but for some reason I’m finding myself obsessed with the idea of pink hair. Perhaps I’ll do it again – watch this space 😉

Currently obsessed with pink hair

  • Foodtrucks

For Valentine’s Day, I took some of my own advice and planned a picnic date. Except for this picnic wasn’t in my garden or lounge, it was in the George Hay Park for the Food Truck Picnic.

Valentine's Day Food Truck Picnic at George Hay Park

The boy and I arrived a little late and, to my surprise, there was only one food truck with food left, everyone else was sold out! Vuyo’s was serving delicious Gourmet Boerewors rolls and, although I’m not usually a fan of boerewors rolls, it was so, so yummy!

Vuyo's Gourmet Boerewors rolls

As sad as we were to miss out on trucks such as Tutto or Balkan Burger (also found at Neighbourgoods Market), we found a real gem at Vuyo’s!

P.S. You can find Tutto and Balkan Burger on the corner of Corner 3rd & 7th Ave, Parktown on most Tuesdays around lunch time!

  • Fish Bowl Vases

Probably an essential in any beautiful home is a medium sized fish bowl vase. I bought mine from Jason’s situated in Multiflora and had it filled with gorgeous flowers at the same time! Next on my list is a small fish bowl for my bedside table.

Currently obsessed with Fish bowl vases

There you have it, my Feb obsessions! Here’s to a fabulous March!

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