1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Oh, what fun I had deciding on an anniversary gift for the husb after a year of marriage! So much so that I thought I’d share with you my gift, as well as some of the other ideas I researched. As you may know, traditionally, your one year anniversary gift is paper and so the options are endless. It also means you don’t have to spend the earth on a gift.

1. A Watercolour Heart Portrait Anniversary Gift

After eyeing Jess’s work for a few months, I decided on a Watercolour Heart portrait as Steven’s gift. I had no idea how it would turn out and, in the end, I was head over heels in love. Jess includes a smaller print as well as a personalised card with your purchase, making it extra special! You guys, my card matches my anniversary gift!

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

2. Have your Photo Album Printed 

In case you haven’t done so already, having your wedding album printed is like a trip down memory lane. Suddenly, it’s your wedding day again, and all the feelings and emotions are back!

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

3. Create a Newspaper

We had a newspaper as an order of service at our wedding and how sweet it would be to create an updated version for our one year anniversary?

Wedding Anniversary Newspaper
4. Write a bucket list 

I love the idea of a bucket list for year two? I know what would be on top of my list – travel!

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

5. Go for a photoshoot

You can tell I’m a photographer, right? Haha! I really do have a love for capturing memories and I just think it would be so special to have a photoshoot one year down the line. In fact, we did just that! Photos by Mechelle Oosthuizen

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

6. Take trip

Plane tickets and booking confirmations are printed on paper! Nothing like creating new memories for year 2!

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

7. Print your wedding song lyrics

I’m pretty much running out of wall space right about now! I happened upon this beautiful print of our wedding song lyrics – Close your eyes by Michael Buble – and I am in love!

paper wedding anniversary gift

8.  Print a Soundwave

Another wall accessory, what can I say! But special, none the less! How sweet is the idea of printing out the soundwaves of you saying I do? Etsy is my favourite!

paper anniversary gift


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